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Millions of disposable cups are thrown away in the UK each year. These cups have various company names printed on the side and we are pleased to say that most of these companies are taking steps to enable the recycling of these coffee cups.

Using recycling companies these cups are collected from stores and dispatched to James Cropper PLC in the Lake District to go through a unique recycling process.

James Cropper PLC refer to the process as CupCyclingTM by James Cropper. They take 90% of the waste from each cup and convert it back to FSC certified board and paper. The other 10% – plastic is recycled by a reprocessing partner and used for energy recovery in the production of recycled paper.

The range of paper and board are available in 380gsm and 130gsm. Coffee Notes converts the board into various sizes and pagination to create Notebooks to suit your purpose.


Each Note Book cover is printed on 380gsm and has an embossing which helps protect the product from scuffing.

We print an Opaque white on the cover and then lay down a 4 colour image to match your corporate identity.

The Notebook text is printed on 130gsm. We print black lines and there is no ink bleaching on the other side after writing.


• Aqua
• Cactus (Green)
• Coral
• Ember (Orange)
• Flint
• Khaki
• Moon (Off white) – Often used for the text stock
• Mustard
• Pitch
• Shell